25 Basic Ingredients: A Recipe for a Happy and Lasting Marriage

While you would probably think that my book on married life begins right after the moment a couple says “I Do,” there are actually many things that must be accomplished and considered before a couple takes their vows.

Therefore, Lessons from the Not-So-New Newlywed is divided into two parts. Part One is Before, “I Do,” and addresses issues and things a couple must consider before saying, “yes,” to getting married and before taking vows. Part Two, ‘Til Death Do Us Part, addresses marital issues after the wedding day has come and gone. So, in my first chapter, I give you the 25 basic ingredients a couple needs to ensure they have for a happy and lasting marriage.

Like a great family recipe for a dish that has been in your family for years, there are some ingredients that you and your loved one need to make sure you have stashed away to ensure that your marriage does not end up falling flat and creating a recipe for disaster. Depending upon the conditions and tastes, you and your spouse will have “tweak” the recipe a little.

Some of the basic ingredients include:

-Unconditional Love;
-Empathy and Sympathy; and

Now, this is just a sampling of ingredients, and you and your loved one have to realize the importance of all 25 ingredients because just having “Love” for one another will not be enough. As you begin to mix your recipe for a lasting and happy marriage, remember that a memorable dish is not great just because of the ingredients, but also because it is made with “heart and soul.” So, before “I Do,” begin mixing all the necessary ingredients and let them simmer. As it simmers, you and your loved one will begin to “eye” your recipe and know when you need a little more of one ingredient, and a little less of another ingredient.

For the full recipe for a happy and lasting marriage, and the basic directions for creating your recipe, check out my seriocomic book, Lessons from the Not-So-New Newlywed: Tall Tales, Short Stories, and Light-Hearted Advice about Married Life, which will be released early Winter. Until then, continue to enjoy my Blog on the book and married life.

Happy Mixing!

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